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Thai boxing

As a combat sport and martial art, "Muay Thai" has been popular in Thailand for decades, and of course, worldwide. Due to its similarities to wrestling (throws, holds), as well as the use of elbows and knees, this discipline should be taught by experienced and insightful coaches. The martial aspect is evident through various rituals; wearing the MongKon - a sacred cord worn around the head -, music that sets the rhythm for the fights, and the Ram-Muay - a ritualistic dance. These distinctive signs make it a very rich discipline both in terms of sports and mental development. Muay Thai has the ability to cultivate in each individual treasures of patience, tolerance, and self-improvement.


Double health and fitness objective!
Getting in shape: Who is it for? What for? For everyone, regardless of age or initial physical condition. It can complement another sports practice or stand alone in the case of a gentle return to sports.
Regular practice ensures improvement in physical condition, posture, muscle strengthening, better support, and prevention of certain pains, especially in the joints.
From a purely aesthetic point of view, it is an excellent way to preserve and develop muscle mass and maintain a toned appearance.
At Studio Côté Ring, we provide a "fitness assessment" using some very simple test exercises that we will repeat a few months later to visualize progress and improvement.

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