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Pascal Lafleur

Pascal Lafleur

The concept creator
Kick Boxing World Champion in 1991, 1992 and 1993, silver medalist at the European Amateur Championship in 1994, then European Pro Kick Boxing Champion in 1995 and 1996 and European Pro Kick Boxing Champion in 1997. Pascal was also World Pro Kick Boxing Champion in 1997 and 1998.
Today, trained in many techniques of coaching and mental preparation, he manages the Atelier Côté Ring in Paris as well as his other activities: residential or corporate training courses, installation of sports halls in companies, etc....

A unique health club

The Atelier provides martial boxing instruction.
These activities develop motor skills and help to acquire excellent physical condition (alertness, velocity).

We all have multiple beliefs about effort. We often think that we have to suffer after a sports class to be satisfied. This is a false association that often stems from a personal story linking physical effort and success: "life is hard".
And then there is another way, that of effort-pleasure where we work just as much on the cardiovascular and muscular level. But without getting to the point of exhaustion or pain. Nor seek these difficulties. Another association of ideas is being put in place: "to succeed, gently".

At Atelier Côté Ring, we are aware of the importance of each person, their mood, their shape. We therefore address ourselves to each person and not to the group, even if it is a collective class. The personalization of the coaching allows the coachee to find his or her place in the class, to feel really good in order to let go.

Our activities are designed to allow you to evacuate the stress of the day or the day before and to take full advantage of the benefits of physical exercise.
 We feel more energy and less fatigue when we learn in a caring environment.

During a sports session, three bio-chemical substances are mobilized. The endorphins, known as pleasure and euphoria hormones. Serotonin, known as the well-being hormone. And finally, adrenaline, known as the stress hormone that allows the body to respond to aggression. In this case, it is good stress that increases our reactivity, as opposed to bad stress that destroys us (stress that leads to burn out).

A sport practised with joy and regularly has the capacity to increase the production of endorphins, serotonin and adrenaline.
 The more we do sport and the more we enjoy it, the better our physical and mental health.

We inherit a psycho-genealogy and a genetic heritage. Not so long ago, science thought we couldn't evolve our form. However, the work of Jacques Monod and François Jacob (1960s) demonstrated that we can, by modifying our system of thought and our emotions, modify our genetic material encoded in DNA (chromosomes, genes). This is called "epigenetics".
It is for this reason that at the end of each session, we are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with yourself and that you have experienced emotions of evolution. You don't take any risks, we take them because we don't count you the session if it's not the case.

Boxing is a fight that involves body and mind.
Through life, competitions, travels and encounters, I've learned rigor, willpower and the will to win.
Boxing is about determining the importance of having a goal, developing strategies and planning things. It teaches what recklessness is and how to live in the moment. It is a combat sport, whether facing a partner or an opponent, that requires attention, concentration and a certain awareness of what is going on around and within oneself.
The awakening of my senses through practice during my training, assaults and fights allowed me to feel alive and taste life.
At the end of my sporting career, I wanted to find these two elements again. This was done through education, reading, training, meetings and personal development.
I discovered through boxing that I was much more than a young man full of courage and rage to win. It allowed me to accompany myself on the path of self to free myself from my fears and anxieties.

Pascal Lafleur.